Why I’m So Distracted With Today’s Runnermomcoach Blog Post

I initially started doing some research to write a blog post about the release of the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon course being held in Atlanta. The difficulty of the course and it’s challenging elevation gain of 1000ft. has me already spinning mental cogs towards how the professional and elite runners might strategize their training and the race itself. But, there is something more urgent that has me distracted with today’s blog post and I’ve decided to push the pause button on olympic marathon talk.

A Nice Hump Day Distraction

Several weeks back on December 12th, I sat down with the voice and lead announcer of the Drake Relay, Mike Jay, for an RMC podcast interview. I’d venture to say that many runners even from around the world would recognize his voice and associate surging feelings of adrenaline with visions of eight white lanes of polyurethane and rubber granules when they hear him. And I have to admit, I’m eager for something happening this evening at Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City, for another chance to hear him speak.

If you didn’t already know Mike has a genuinely huge heart and undying passion for running, track and field, developing youth and prep athlete runners and paying it forward. You can read more in detail about his Track Guy initiative thru my initial blog post and podcast recap here – Drake Relays Announcer – Mike Jay and His Way of Paying It Forward.

This evening you can choose to sit down with a fresh brewski or my personal Big Grove menu favorite, Bibimbap, and hear Mike sit down for an interview and Q&A style discussion panel himself. For the rest of us runners and dreamers, I think it’ll be an intriguing dive into a couple of elite runners from our region. Mike dangled a little teaser carrot during our podcast chat together, that both of his guests will have their own unique story of “heartbreak and jubilation”

Direct from Mike’s Twitter Feed

Catalytic Inspiration

Mike is a true inspiration and his work of paying it forward now thru Track Guy USA t-shirt sales, is super rad! He’s already delegating t-shirt proceeds towards several pairs of free running shoes to two young budding runners.

I truly believe everyone involved and everyone present tonight will walk away feeling engaged in their sport, a fresh fuel for their running fire, and inspired to believe there is still value in putting good back into the world.

I think my ears will stay perked to hear if Eric speaks towards his personal training and what specific elements he’ll be working towards in order to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It’ll also be a fascinating history account to hear Randy’s story of qualifying for the 1980 Olympics, which ended up being boycotted by America and many other countries.

What better distraction from this blistery January running weather and abrasive Hump Day?! If you’re down at Big Grove for this evenings panel discussion and read or follow my blog, please don’t be shy because I’d love to meet you. And Thanks Mike Jay and extended thanks to Eric Sowinksi, Randy Wilson and Blake Boldon!

Drake Relays Announcer – Mike Jay and His Way of Paying It Forward

I could’ve sat all afternoon and listened to Mike’s captivating voice and his unique stories!  Phenomenal stories collected from years of being a high school track and field and cross country coach at Columbus Junction, as well as the lead announcer for 16 years at the Drake Relays, and having a massive Iowa running culture presence.  In fact, Mike told me about his evolution from his time as a runner at Columbus Junction running under Coach Purdy and the irony of how he eventually came to coaching alongside Purdy and evolving into now having 16 years of being our Iowa Drake Relays announcer.  What might impress you the most is that Mike still remains a humble and gracious man, who still has a huge heart and undying passion for all things running.  Not only does it seem that he’s dedicated his life up to this point to keeping the fire burning for other runners, but hasn’t come up shy for new ways to pay it forward.  

Humble Roots

Mike’s stories are genuine and telltale supportive of his humble upbringing and the driving principles that his parents and own coaches drove into him.  Principles of “hard work” and just being “good people”.  The same principles that he describes during several stories of his own personal heroes found thru the relationships he’s developed with runners and the admiration that he finds and inspires to pay forward.  

A few stories of hard working good people that include a self-trained runner and neighbor of Mike’s who is now aspiring to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Marathon, and even an Olympic champion who returned to the Parapan Olympic games to selflessly help a blind 56-year-old woman go after goals of breaking seven minutes in the 1500 meter race.  These collections of memories and stories have fulfilled Mike over the years with inspiration and motivation for his announcing.  He claims that the “feel good” stories are the ones that stoke his passion.    

“It was such a feel good moment, above and beyond track and field!”

The Next Level Iowa

Proof of these principles is displayed with Mike and Jim Kirby’s co-creation and collaboration of the website The Next Level Iowa, which supports Iowa prep athletes.  Encompassed within our podcast recording session, Mike speaks towards some of the hugely impressive Iowa runners that have progressed onto the pro circuit such as Shelby Houlihan, Jenny Simpson, and a recent Next Level Iowa Podcast with Brogan Austin, to name just a few.   

You might like to read about a few of our Iowa elites on their website.  Mike believes that you don’t necessarily have to be a track and field fan to be able to come away with inspiration from his podcast session and runner highlight articles.   

Track Guy USA

After about three years of convincing and some assistance from his sons, Mike now has skyrocketed t-shirt sales under the website and alias TrackGuyUSA.  He and his sons use the proceeds from the Iowa based graphic designers and t shirt printers as a  method of giving back to Iowa’s youth running programs.  

Runnermomcoach Supporting Track Guy USA

In fact, he’s already planning a shoe give away to two needing recipients at an upcoming Olympic Track & Field Panel Discussion being held at Big Grove Brewery on January 9th, 2019.  Of course, Mike will be the MC and host of the discussion and plans to help Eric Sowinski and Randy Wilson share their individual journeys and stories of being Olympic hopefuls. 

Mike says the support that has already been pouring into his Track Guy USA mission has been humbling.  I’ve even seen a few of our local Iowa running stores posting boxes of his t-shirts to be sold in stores.  And I gotta say, it’s not hard to get behind principles that enable youth runners from any walks of life, to just be able to participate in the sport of running.  Way to go Track Guy!!

RMC Podcast with Mike Jay

I was so ecstatic at the opportunity to be able to sit down with Mike for my podcast!  Afterward, I had thought of a hundred and one more questions I had for him, and still eager to hear more of his anecdotal and inspiring experiences.  He’s traveled the world with his announcing and met all kinds of amazing runners.  From the high school athletes competing at the State meet to elite and pro athletes competing on national and international scales.   He’s a huge-hearted and genuine man that has filled his brain with athlete’s stats and individual accomplishments but has also gotten to know many athletes on a subsurface and more personal level.  

Mike Jay is someone to aspire to.  Notes to self include; be a hard worker, stay humble, give back, and just be a good person!!

RMC Podcast Interview with Mike Jay

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Local Chapter for Type One Run

Happy Hump Day Runners!  A few weeks back a former Prairie High School alumni, Morgan Russel,  had reached out to me to introduce herself and the Type 1 Diabetes Running Program that she is trying to establish here locally in Cedar Rapids.  I have to admit, it was the first time I’d heard of the global running program and figured that I wasn’t the only one that has never heard of it.  Thus today’s “Happy Runner’s Hump Day” blog post and podcast introduction to Ep. 9 Morgan Russell and our Local Chapter for Type One Run. 






What Is Type One Run?

Type One Run is a global grassroots initiative to unite those that live life as a Type 1 Diabetic and communes those that also want to live a life which includes running.  Their presence is worldwide and even includes a Type One Run Strava training group that according to their website has already united almost 300 runners from across the globe.

Morgan Russell,  has chosen to volunteer and drive this program to establish local camaraderie, and posts group run announcements and other helpful information to  Type One Run – Cedar Rapids Facebook page.

Podcast Interview Morgan Russell Reveals More of Her Personal Story As a Type 1 Diabetic Runner

Morgan is honest is admitting that learning to run as a Diabetic runner can be a little scary.  She details her own personal runner’s lifestyle and how that lifestyle may look different for her as a diabetic runner.

Her own humble advice to others are to maintain and keep a journal or log to be able to document and recall what’s worked or not worked well for aspects relating to fueling and carbohydrate vs. insulin intake considerations.  She’s discovered that in order to maintain a safe healthy balance thru some of her long runs, she even requires setting an alarm clock to go off at 4:00 a.m. in order to eat and prep.

But these are the types of convos and information tidbits that runners being part of her Type One Run chapter would be able to all share with each other.  No different than perhaps a run club that you or I may be a part of, sharing training tricks of the trade or asking and bouncing questions off of each other for when or how to fuel say for a marathon.  Good stuff!!

Continuing Efforts to Unite Runners and Pay it Forward

Morgan and I seemingly share principles of wanting to just foster other runners and a positive running community.  In interviewing her for my RMC podcast, and learning about the Type One Run program and educating others thru this blog post, we are both hoping to support and foster enabling all kinds of runners.

Please consider liking and sharing this blog post via Facebook or other social media.  In addition, go check out Morgan’s Type One Run – Cedar Rapids Facebook page and follow her unique story and the group’s news.

Happy Hump Day Runners!! (podcast link below but also available thru iTunes, Spotify, & Google Play)

Capital Striders Happenings and RMC Podcast Interviews

The leaves on the trees have begun to change and radiate fall’s beauty thru it’s vibrant hues.  It’s this time of year that many runners revel in all the glory of the crisp air and sanctuary of the outdoors.  With much anticipation of training that will culminate towards fall marathons, trail runs and the community of runners enjoying this time of year together, I am happy to announce today’s blog post titled, Capital Strider’s Happenings and RMC Podcast Interviews.

RMC Podcast Interview with Capital Striders

Capital Striders representatives, Kristin Adkins, Amber Crews, and Jason Kenyon were all kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules organizing and hosting the upcoming fall trail races, Des Moines IMT Marathon Volunteer coordination, and the 100 mile November Challenge to let me ask them a few questions during a group interview.

Capital Striders is a running club group based in Des Moines, Iowa and is currently about 550 runners strong.  They offer a well-rounded amalgamation of various types of training runs, group runs and is heavily involved in the Des Moines area running community.  Listen to their interview thru the podcast link below that describes and talks more in details about some of their specific training runs thru out each week.

Upcoming Races and Fall Motivation

Amber Crews and Jason Kenyon tell us some of the race highlights of two of the upcoming trail races that the Capital Striders Club will host.

Fast approaching at the end of October (October 27th, to be exact) is the “To Grandmother’s House We Go” trail race.  Included here is a link for registration and race details.  http://www.capitalstriders.org/to-grandmothers-house-we-go.  The race distances of 5k, 10k and 15k offered are based on the 5k loop thru Brown’s Woods.  They even encourage and give prizes for those that are brave enough to come in costume and honor the Red Ridinghood them.

The other scenic trail race being held before the end of the year is the “Sycamore 8“.   This race travels along the Des Moines River and if you’re one of those cold weather runners, then mark your calendar for this year’s race to be held on December 1st.  Link for registration and race details here – http://www.capitalstriders.org/sycamore-8

Along with the weekly offerings of speed work on a track, hill runs for strength, and Saturday group runs, the club offers some more informal trail runs which you can find out about location announcements by following the ‘Capital Striders’ Turkeys‘ Facebook page.

In addition to the weekly group offerings, there is also what’s called the ‘100 Miles in November Challenge‘ spearheaded by Kristin Adkins.  With a couple years under its belt, the 100 Miles in November Challenge has been proud to collaborate prize offerings with Fleet Feet Sport and Heartland Soles to award a pair of new runnings kicks.  Local Hy-Vee dieticians have also contributed runner’s swag in the past like a new Fitbit watch.  If only I lived 2 hours closer, I’d sure be taking advantage of this late fall motivational running group.

Runner’s at Heart

It’s always fun to hear about an individual’s specific reasons for running, their personal motivation or their proudest running moments.  Within the Ep. 8 – Capital Striders RMC Podcast episode, you’ll get to hear Amber tell you about her zen 50k in Portland memories and how she came to identify herself at a young age thru running, Jason’s Rocky Mountain Park experience and his downhill hail running PR, and Kristin’s battle with Mother Nature at last spring’s Boston Marathon and how she came to find her role with Capital Striders.

FREE Race Registration Giveaways Contest!!

Capital Striders was generous enough to give away 1 FREE race registration for each of the upcoming “To Grandmother’s House We Go” and “Sycamore 8” trail races.  If you’d like to enter the contest, here are the parameters;

  1. On Facebook and/or Twitter – “Like” both the Capital Striders and Runnermomcoach pages.
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  3. Be the first to directly e-mail cemerunblog@gmail.com with screenshots of 1 and 2, along with which race you would like to receive FREE entry into by 10/25/18.
  4. Ready?…Get Set…GO!!!


Holy Mother Runners from Iowa

Do you get paid to run?  Are you endorsed by running shoe companies to wear their shoes while running fast, with the hopes that it’ll influence watchers to go out and buy XYZ shoe brand so they can be fast too?  Do you get to include daily naps and massage and a dietician into your lives so that you can run and train all day every day at maximum ability? Do you have a nanny that comes and keeps watch over the children so that you can go log miles?  For the vast majority of you, this is NOT our reality or running way of life.  Today’s Holy Mother Runners from Iowa blog post features two “real” women from the Midwest and how they have kept running in their lives despite work, families, and the day to day chaos so many of us keep as a barometer of normalcy.  It may find you just as motivated if not more to put that next race on the calendar, once you hear how relatable and real these “mother runners” from Iowa are.

Response to the Holy “Mother Runner” Campaign

Last week after posting a contest for my Holy “Mother Runner” campaign, two local Moms won an RMC t-shirt and guest feature for my RMC podcast.  Ironically both mother’s who have daughters that run cross country at the school I coach at.  Their daughter’s have both participated in the program as 7th and 8th graders and will be entering their third year this coming fall season as incoming Freshman.

Holy “Mother Runner” Campaign

Iowa “Mother Runner” Suzie Johannes

Suzie has two teenage children both heavily involved and active in sports and activities.  She herself is a child physical therapist and has a service-oriented career.  I believe she may also assist her husband at times with his custom home building endeavors.  Needless to say Suzie lives a busy life but still tries her best to live an active life of fitness as well.

Suzie strives to teach her kids that being active and setting goals for themselves should be fun.  And to do what you can thru the process towards those goals so that you can “look back with no regrets”.  As a mom who understands the importance of the journey, she says she does all she can to offer support but let her kids somewhat define what that support looks like.  She offers to take splits for them during their races, and of course emphasizes the lifestyle of eating well, and helps them with the at home physical self-care that’s necessary to prevent injury.

First Time “Half”er Tami Flockhart

Tami had running seeds planted at an early age with her involvement in track and field as an short and middle distance track runner.  Since then, she’s continually defining her running life and returned to it after a bet with her husband that he’d take dance lessons.  Tami has recently trained and completed her first ever half marathon.  She chose to run the Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon as her first and says she may choose to do another this fall.

Tami also attests to the difficulty of how to manage work, kids, life and yet have enough ambition to complete long runs on the weekends.  She inspires for her daughter to follow suit and turn it into a life sport.   And of course takes the opportunities with her daughter to teach life lessons from her participation in the sport and thru the empathy of being a distance runner herself.

RMC Podcast Interviews

The three of us sat down and recorded the informal style podcast.  It felt like a casual chat about their own running and kids, or just a down to earth heart to heart from Coach to parents.

What I appreciated most, and hope that you will as well, is Tami and Suzie’s candid real runner mom balance and perspectives.  Sometimes these “real” stories motivate us more since we can relate and realize our fight to fit our own goals and running identities into our lives, are successfully shared amongst so many.  If you’ve ever asked yourself…How do they do it?  Can you do it too?


Meet Lindsey Andrews – A Mother, A Runner, A Business Woman

Yesterday, I had the fortunate opportunity to be able to sit down and chat with a woman who was a 6x All-American college runner but claimed she ran in high school just for fun.  She is also now finding her return to running after bearing her first child and is a young Iowa businesswoman who co-owns the Heartland Soles Running Shoe Store.  Meet Lindsey Andrews, a mother, a runner, and a businesswoman thru today’s blog post and my RMC podcast.

Planting Running Roots and Transitioning thru Life’s Milestones with Running as Her Guide

Lindsey tells family tales of how she got started running and developed her love for the sport.  She remains humble with her honest claims that she only ran cross country and track in high school “for fun”.  But, also speaks towards the culture change that she adopted in her development as a college runner who peaked with eighty-mile training weeks and running at 6000 feet altitude and “challenging terrain” on long runs.

She elaborates on the lifestyle that was necessitated to support running that kind of mileage and intensity.  She attributes the modalities that worked for her, and the importance of how and why.

Lindsey the Mother Runner and Business Woman

When I first stepped in the front door of the Johnston, Iowa Heartland Soles running shoe store, I was greeted with tiny giggles and toothless grins from Lindsey’s now seventh-month-old daughter Layla.   The immediate vibe I observed was that the family-owned business and cogs behind the machine are well oiled with an all-inclusive family and “salt of the earth” atmosphere.

Lindsey and her husband Jordan were actually celebrating their 2 year anniversary of the store’s conception on paper.  She actually anecdotes a funny story of a small snafu the day she and her husband biked into downtown Des Moines to submit their dream store’s legal documents.  The twister is that they ended up at a local eatery and found inspiration to what now adorns the store’s interior walls.

Lindsey also opens up about her personal journey with running thru her pregnancy and her uphill climb and return to the sport now with her husband as her coach.  She aspires to run in Bean Town and the Boston Marathon someday.  Perhaps she’ll even be able to run in the Master’s Division in tandem with her daughter as a high school runner on the Blue Oval at the Drake Relays.  These are a few of her “next chapter” dreams.

The RMC Podcast Keeps Plugging Away

As I was interviewing (perhaps more informally, chatting about running and life) with Lindsey, my brain was spinning with ideas for future podcast interviews and topics.

There are so many interesting individual stories waiting to be heard and individuals I would love to meet.  The mother’s who ran thru pregnancies or returned to running successfully post-partum, professionally or recreationally.  I.E. professional Mother Runners I’d love to meet or interview, Gwen Jorgensen, Paula Radcliff, Kara Goucher.  Or, the collegiate runners who found themselves and developed their identities thru running in college and the lifestyle of being a full-time student and athlete.  And, runners who experience and train thru the acclimatization process and science of running at elevation and the adaptations their body goes thru while doing so.

My blog and podcast have been such a blessing and inspiration for me as well, even though I set out with the purpose to inspire and motivate others.  If you’ve taken the time to read this, or listen to my podcast and think you would like to share your personal story or know of someone in your life that inspires you as a runner and might inspire others as well, please comment or e-mail me!  Let’s keep the running community strong and moving in the right direction!!




A Runners Guide to Downtown Cedar Rapids and the NewBo District

I’ve been a Cedar Rapidian (Cedar Rapids resident) for almost forty years.  I’ve also been a runner for the large majority of those years and have trained thru many miles on the trails and streets of our town.  I’d like to share this blog post called, ‘A Runners Guide to Downtown Cedar Rapids and the NewBo District’ and hope that it will be helpful to you whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or looking for a runner’s perspective and resource tool for a new route to get you going in a new direction.

Rejuvenation after the Flood of 2008

As with most everything in life, there is a yin and a yang or relative concept of balance.  Although our city experienced a devasting blow with the massive flooding that occurred in 2008, the silver lining of what came from that was a rejuvenation of the city and a few specific areas like the NewBo Market and New Bohemia District, the Downtown Riverfront and the Czech Village area.

The new thriving area and beating heart of the New Bohemia District and Czech Village area include easy access to the Cedar Valley Trail System.  The paved trail travels south all the way to Ely and includes several “pit stop” and restroom amenities at about every 1.5 – 2 miles.  Much of the trail on this stretch going south as it transitions into the Hoover Trail system, is tree-lined and offers a nice “tunnel” of shade for enjoyment even thru the blazing hot summer months in Iowa.  There are only a few slight elevation changes along this stretch and could mostly be considered “slightly rolling”.  For a runner training for any longer distances of a half or full marathon the distance, one way, if starting at the NewBo Market, is approximately 8.5 miles thus making a great training run of 18-19miles total.

Cedar Valley Trail – Southbound

If traveling southbound on the trail you’ll get a chance to run along the river and past a couple of our cities factories.  You’ll also experience running up and over the train tracks next to Tait Cummins Sports Complex and past some watershed area, where the occasional woodchuck or deer can be spotted.

A few additional perks of running an out and back route from the NewBo Market are that you can choose a nice refreshment or snack after your return to the NewBo Market.  I personally love a smoothie from Get Fresh Juice Press.  Perhaps even take a little time to stretch on the lawn or meander thru some of the fun shops like RayGun, The Iowa Running Company Shoe store, or even the NewBo Market vendors.

Prairie Park Fishery Trail and the Sac and Fox Trail

The Prairie Park Fishery Trail is one of my favorite spots for any sort of speedier running or specific shorter distance work because the 1.6 mile trail loops around the Cedar Lake and is marked at every tenth of a mile.  The scenery is not too bad either.

Additional Perks to this section of trail are that you can hop right onto the Sac and Fox Trail extensions and wind your way all the way to the Indian Creek Nature Center.  This part of the trail becomes pea gravel and is a nice surface to run if you’re looking to get a break from pounding the pavement.

Nurture the Brain and the Body

Have you heard of the RunCRwith.us app?  It is an internet based app that a very bright group of high school kids at the Iowa BIG school developed for runners.  More specifically there are 19 different routes that a runner can access in and amongst Cedar Rapids.

The app offers live gps tracking for runners as they tour around our city via one of the offered routes.  The routes highlight many of our historical landmarks such as Brucemore Mansion and Czech Village, notable areas of the city like the above mentioned NewBo area and Cedar Valley Trail, and even navigate you thru a couple of local road races courses i.e. Especially For You Race Against Breast Cancer.  Within the app and the live navigation, there is also audio tour and educative recording which plays to inform you about each specific route or landmark.

The routes vary in distances from just over a quarter mile all the way up to 15.2 miles.  And if you find yourself feeling a little competitive the RunCRwith.Us app has teamed up with the Iowa Running Company shoe store and is offering a fun contest.


From May 12th to May 19th RunCrWith.Us is holding a contest! Run a route and tweet us at #runcrwithus to get credit. The person who ran the most miles by the end of the week gets a prize! 1st place gets a $75 gift card, 2nd place $50, and 3rd place $25 all from the Iowa Running Company!

The RunCRwith.us and Iowa Big students even took a few minutes (14min and 48 sec to be exact) to sit down with me and tell me a little more about the app and what went into the design and development of it.  You may listen to it on my RMC Podcast on iTunes or thru the link on the right of this website page.

Cedar Rapids Can Be Fun to Explore thru Running

Like I said, I’ve been a resident of this city for quite some time and I still enjoy discovering new running routes, beautiful scenery for my photo run journal and seeing other outdoor enthusiasts doing the same.

What better way to learn and acquaint yourself with your city, than being active and fit at the same time?!





“Don’t Let The Name Fool You!” – The Iowa Running Company Isn’t Just for Runners

This Monday morning started off blissfully with a post-race easy five mile run with the rising sun and on the waning high of last weekends, Drake Road Races Festivities in Des Moines.  Congratulations to all of the runners who participated in either the 5k, the 10k or the half marathon and were able to catapult and kick-off the infamous Drake Relays week.

After getting my 13-year-old off to school, I drove straight down to the NewBo district of Cedar Rapids where the Iowa Running Company is located and met up with Clifton Smith and Jim Dwyer (and their store mascot, ‘Buddy’).  I’ve known Jim for probably almost 20 years now within the local running community but wanted a chance to get to know both he and Clifton as individual runner’s and as the business partnership duo with the Iowa Running Company.

“Don’t Let The Name Fool You!” – The Iowa Running Company Isn’t Just for Runners

Jim and Clifton were good sports and allowed me to interview them for my RMC Podcast on iTunes.  It seems that a few of their driving principles revolve around giving back to their local running community and supporting runners on a down to earth approach offering a nice broad selection of running shoe brands and paraphernalia.

However, with a pleasant reminder despite being contradictory perhaps to the store name, they also support ALL genres of bi-peds thru their various lines of comfortable feet saving shoe options.  Jim says it’s quite common for them to receive customers who have been referred to them by podiatrists, health or fitness experts, or people who don’t necessarily run but are just plain active or consider themselves as ‘walkers’.  They don’t want their name to “fool you” or fend off any non-runners per say.

A Local Business with Morals

I have experienced first hand the support of our school running programs from Iowa Running Company.  Numerous times they’ve hosted trail runs from their store with fittings of running shoes or track spikes, and even donated coupons and awards for our 5k cross country fundraisers.  They stand behind their declared principles!

Jim also encourages listeners during our podcast interview to seek out 5k races with a purpose of giving back to its community.  He recommends participation in races with morals you can get behind.  And personally, I love that message!!

Clifton’s Passion for Running Translates Thru His Own Life Milestones

You’ll just have to listen to the podcast itself and get a feel for Clifton’s humble description of proposing to his now wife, at the end of the Marion Arts Festival races.  Clearly, running and its significance in Clifton’s life carries some serious worth. So much that he wanted for he and his wife to share that forever memory of their engagement.  Maybe the Marion Arts Festival races and festivities will be an annual Anniversary celebration for the two of them.

Listen to the Podcast for More I.R.C Highlights & Details

There is, of course, more Q&A coverage with Jim and Clifton on my RMC iTunes podcast under Episode #5 – Iowa Running Company Q&A.  If you like hearing about prominent figures within the running community, there are several other Q&A episodes included there as well.  Please pardon my amateur and “learning as I go”, interviewing and podcasting skills.  Also, the best compliments and motivation for me to continue my blog website and my RMC podcast quests, are when I see people Subscribing, Sharing, and Liking.

Great Thanks and Humble Aspirations

It’s been such an honor and pleasure to be able to use my runnermomcoach.com blog website and podcast platform to get to know the local running community.  And I’ve been so grateful to everyone for the support and encouragement.  I’m officially 4-1/2 months old with my domain and 46 blog posts public.  I”m still trying to define where this will take me, or how I’ll move it forward with the hope that I can maintain good useful content and that in some form each of my efforts are motivating, inspiring, or nurturing camaraderie within the running community.  Thank You to everyone who has contributed and for everyone on social media for the positive feedback.  It makes all of this much less scary and intimidating! 🙂

P.S. I will be doing some Run CRANDIC race weekend coverage and runner highlights and would love to personally shake your hand to wish you luck at the Packet Pick-up and Pre-Party Expo at NewBo Market.   I’d also love to highlight your Run CRANDIC story at the finish line after the race or at the Big Grove Post Party Celebration.  What fun!

RMC Podcast Interviews Monica Nieves About the Run CRANDIC Races

Last week I blogged about our upcoming RUN CRANDIC road races in an effort to build the hype and spread the word.  I continued that momentum with interviewing Mark Powers with Corridor Running and did my first official Q&A interview for my new RMC Podcast available on iTunes.  It was a ton of fun getting to know Mark’s own personal running journey and to hear some of the details and a little about the inaugural Cedar Rapids and Iowa City marathon, half marathon and 5k.

RMC Podcast Interviews Monica Nieves About the Run CRANDIC Races

Today’s post takes the Run CRANDIC baton and keeps it moving with an interview with Monica Nieves.  Monica is the Director of Special Events for the Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.  She is this year’s RUN CRANDIC race director and was accompanied by Laura Jaime, who is currently a U of I student doing an internship with the ICCCVB.  Both of these women were able to give another insider’s perspective and tell us about some perks of the race as well as some more details pertaining to the course itself.

Run to the Toe of the Nile Kinnick Statue and Chocolate Milk for All

If you’re able to tune in and take the time to listen to my podcast, you’ll get to hear Monica speak about some of the other aspects of the race and the festivities surrounding race day.  Her first point was to talk about the course.  According to Monica you can be rest assured, safety was a major priority when working with the Public Safety entities of both Johnson and Linn counties and the course succumbs to this by traveling south on Hwy 965 in a single lane of the two-lane highway.  From personal experience with a point to point marathon, this can be seen as a bonus for the spectators and supporting family or friends of runners.  With the course still being split 50/50 and open to traffic, it allows spectators to travel along its route and enables fans more opportunities to cheer.

Monica mentions some “cheer zones” that will be designated along the route and posted to the Run CRANDIC website.  Stay tuned for that!  She also mentions the unified efforts of some of the other corridor communities, like Swisher and North Liberty, partaking in the race day cheering and fan support.  From some perspectives, the route includes some quieter zones where there may not be a considerable amount to entertain or look at.  But, perhaps this is the nature of living in Iowa and we should see it as more relaxing and zen?  It will make coming into Iowa City and the Kinnick Stadium area even more climactic.

According to Monica, the 26.2 goes to the very tippy toe of the Nile Kinnick Statue.  Apparently, there will also be some sweet tummy filling rewards as well like chocolate milk.  We all know that chocolate milk has the perfect 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate and protein and is the quick and easy post-run fuel choice of many.  Hats off to Dan and Debbie’s creamery in Ely (also located at the head of the Hoover Bike Trail) and the Amana Creamery for supplying the post-race beverage. We run for chocolate milk!! This needs to be a t-shirt slogan if it isn’t already!

iTunes RMC Podcast Interviews Monica Nieves About the Run CRANDIC Races

My podcast was officially accepted and went public with iTunes on Monday.  Yay!  My aspirations with it are to continue carrying forth my incentive to motivate, inspire, inform, and nurture camaraderie for runners.  As well as lend positive karma back into the running world.

Again, as with this whole blogging thing I’m learning as I go.  I’m learning not only how to try and conduct interviews with decent sound quality, content and questions, but also how to get over feeling shy about putting myself out there.  I’m realizing that sometimes with podcasts you can’t always see body language or facial expressions.  So I will try to continue to learn to articulate well, and hopefully portray guest’s in the light in which I’m seeing them in.   Thanks for being patient and for taking your time to listen and support!


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