Documenting My Running Vlog on YouTube

Do you ever feel like declaring a goal out loud helps you hold yourself accountable?  Also, have you ever stopped to realize that the ability to invest 100% of yourself in the training towards your running goals is perhaps even more acknowledgeable than the race itself?  I’m ‘Documenting My Running Vlog on YouTube’ thru the running and training of my quest for you, and a little bit for myself.

21st Century Runnermomcoach

Now before you get all judgy on the lack of video quality, shaky footage, no make-up sweaty face Corrie, let me preface with saying that my purpose towards documenting my training serves two-fold.

The first purpose is as I’ve already mentioned, which is to allow all you other runners out there to get a feel for what I do in my training.  And yes, I’m open to constructive comments, recommendations or questions.  I’ve accumulated notes over the years and experience from previous training.  In addition, I try and read as much as I can about different training plans, methods and philosophies and the science behind each.

What’s worked for me the best, with a little amalgamation, has been the 1/2 and full marathon training plans out of the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training.  I’m currently using the advanced 1/2 marathon training plan and have implemented hilly route days for strength, additional before and after strength and mobility work, and plyometric work since I’ve noticed that my fast twitch muscle fibers seem to have gotten lazier as I’ve aged.

The second purpose of me documenting my journey is so that hopefully someday I can look back and be able to have made progress and learned better, more efficient, and more creative ways of “vlogging” my runner’s lifestyle.

And…after all, my kids tell me all the time that I’ve gotta get with the times.  So, that means spreading my influence, blog and journey out over social media, the web and YouTube.

What You See Is What You Get

You’ve also probably already noticed, that I am usually my “organic” self in my videos.  Meaning,…no make-up, hair hastily pulled back and whatever running clothes I threw on in the morning.  I don’t believe that image is everything and stand by values of believing that content and message is always more important.  So, what you see is what you get!

Summer is Near

As I prep myself for the upcoming summer months and having my kiddos home during the day, as well as the beginning of summer XC coaching and training, I realize that I should let you know that I’ll be dialing back just slightly in my blog posts.

Being a Mom always comes first for me, and the summer months is a time that I always try and be very present not only as a Mom but also with my coaching.  I will still try to remain somewhat consistent with blog posts (perhaps only 1-2 times per week), even if it’s not the typical Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Happy Running Hump Day!!