Running Lingo and Training Terms

With spring just around the corner and many new or returning runners taking on new goals and diving into accompanying training plans, perhaps it’s time to just re-iterate some running lingo and commonly used training terms.

Training Terms

Just last week I wrote a blog post “GRIT Building Running Workouts”, and threw out some challenging workouts collected over the years and hoarded in my personal running and coaching files. After I wrote and posted the blog write-up, I realized that maybe not everyone really knows what “Tempo” or “T-pace” is. Or, that maybe there are runner’s out there who aren’t familiar with what a progressive run is. Perhaps, some of the commonly abbreviated acronyms, such as SPM, max HR, or GRP, are even confusing. More expanse on running acronyms in next week’s blog posts.

Let’s begin with some basic terms you may hear or see written on training plans. Of course these descriptions are very basic and some even a few rudimental, but should give you the gist of the idea.

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Next week, I’ll continue on with writing up some commonly used acronyms within the running world jargon. Stay tuned!

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