Maiden Voyage of My New Running Blog

Well,…this is it!  My first day trying out this whole new running blog thing.  I’m excited, nervous and very aware that it’s going to be a ‘learn as I go’ kind of process.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and for supporting me and my quest!

My vision for my blog is to of course share my experiences with running, coaching and being a mom.  But more so, I hope to unite those of you who may have the same passions and interest, struggles or challenges, insights and aspirations.

I envision lots of shout-outs to friends and acquaintances, products and companies that I like (no, I’m not sponsored or endorsed to do so. Yet!), and fostering social media connections.

I’m planning to blog at least once a week at the very least.  Or perhaps themed blog days.  I.E. – Mom blog Mondays, Happy Running Hump Day blogs, and Coaches Corner Friday blogs.

So, please stay tuned!  Follow me on social media and share!!  Feel free to also comment or subscribe by e-mail for notifications of new posts.

Happy Running, Happy Coaching and Happy Momming!