Motivational Monday

New things will be coming to you thru my blog here in 2019. After attending the Iowa Running Companies Ladies Night as a guest speaker, I was pleased to meet and have the opportunity to get to know one of the ladies that attended that night. Her name was Emily Moffitt and she was gracious enough to let me interview her for my Iowa Runners Campaign – Iowa Runner Campaign Highlights Emily Moffitt. I asked Emily what a few of her favorite sources of motivation or inspiration are so that we can share and pass onto others. However, she was honest in telling me that she really doesn’t have any and would love to be enlightened with a few. I realized that I have the perfect platform to share and spread a few of my own sources of motivation and that maybe there are more of you out there like Emily that are searching for new sources. So unlike last year’s Mom Blog Mondays, I’m switching gears for 2019 and going to dub the first day of each week as ‘Motivational Monday’.

Other Running Blogs

Coincidentally, I had a runner and blogger from Australia by the name of Nicole Stirling, reach out to me as she is a follower of my own blog and asked to collaborate and submit a guest post. I thought it was so cool that runners could be united from across the world like this and am eager to let her share her guest post with you about her 366 days of running. In fact, this happens to also be the name of her blog website –

Nicole has a relatable and useful blog which offers some helpful tools such as printables you can download and Free Runner Giveaways to help other runners achieve running success.

She, like so many others has a humbling story of her journey into becoming a runner. Sometimes just listening to someone else’s story is motivation in itself to help someone struggling realize that although the struggle is real, they are not alone. Her journey is a teaser for not only the title of her blog website but also for her guest post, which I’ll be sharing with you in an upcoming post soon. For now, here is a link to Nicole’s Facebook page –

What Can You Share With Others?

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