Holy “Mother Runner” – Deena Kastor

Last week I started a blog post campaign called the Holy “Mother Runner” Campaign.  My intent to starting this focused campaign is to introduce and highlight some of my favorite professional “Mother Runners” (a few that have inspired me over the years), as well as empower those of you out there that have figured out ways to incorporate running into your post-childbearing mother runner lives.

The RMC Podcast

If you follow my social media accounts you may have seen the contest and post to follow last week’s blog post, which was to highlight the first three “mother runners” out there to comment by highlighting your stories thru a podcast interview on my RMC Podcast on iTunes (a link can be found on the right of this page) as well as reward you with an RMC T-shirt.

I couldn’t believe how immediate the response was by two fellow “mother runners”, Tami Flockhart and Suzie Johannes.  These two women are both Iowa locals and have successfully passed the running bug onto their daughters, who participate in our school’s cross country program.

So, stay tuned for their podcast interview later this week and get to hear each of their personal running stories and journeys with running.

“Mother Runner” – Deena Kastor

The feature “Mother Runner” in today’s blog post is Deena Kastor.  I have been a huge fan of hers since she won the Bronze medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics, the first in over 20 years.  To sweeten her likeness, she is also an 8 time champion in cross country.

What’s super cool about Deena now though, and pertinent to this campaign, is that she not only had her child in 2011 but has been able to return to the marathoning and half marathon community.  Before we get to her post-baby accomplishments, let’s talk about some impressive performances from her past decade’s highlights reel.

In 2008 Deena won the US Olympic marathon trials.  This specific race was strategically symphonic with an underdog turn-over for her after chasing down Magdalena Lewy Boulet during the last 10 miles.  Watching this takedown happen and evolve via live coverage put goosebumps on my arms.  Go, Go, American women distance runners!!

She has placed consistently in the Top 10 professional women’s field over the past decade in races such as the LA marathon (3rd – 2013), World Championship Marathon (9th – 2013),  and NYC Half Marathon (2nd – 2010).  But the creme de la creme in my current opinion was her return after having her daughter Piper Bloom.  Not only had she returned to running successfully after having a child, but also entered the ‘masters’ division and found a new balance for herself both as a mother, runner, motivator and author.

Here is a link direct from deenakastor.com with her Bio and Stats – http://deenakastor.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Deena_Kastor_Bio.pdf

Kastor as a Master

Kastor has been running post-baby now for seven years and has been throwing down ‘masters’ division records in both the half-marathon and full marathon distance.  There is hope for us running Mom’s after all!

Her record times range from 1:09:39 for the half, which she ran at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia and a blazing 2:27:47 for the full marathon which she nailed at the 2015 Chicago Marathon.   Her Chicago masters marathon record was faster than the previous record by almost a full minute.

Not only has she been lighting up the half marathon and marathon distance at the Masters level, but she has figured out a new balance for herself as mom/athlete.  She’s implemented the power of positive mindset into life and as proof of going beyond, she’s even written a book called “Let Your Mind Run”

“That’s what this entire book is about,” she said. “It’s about pushing your limits and figuring out a way to mentally to get through physical struggles so you can condition yourself more positively, more optimistically.”-letsrun.com

This book is next on my iPhones notes list of “Books to Read”.  I can’t wait to be recharged by what lies within the pages as I’ve always been a believer of positive mindset and the limitless power that embracing this mindset can offer.

Obviously too with being a top-dog runner mom she had to figure out what new realistic goals to set for herself.  Letsrun.com, wrote a flattering article on Deena Kastor explaining just this – ‘RRW: At 45, A Rejuvenated Deena Kastor Ready To Ride The Hills At Boston Marathon’.

Kastor was nearly 39 years-old at the time, and had to totally reinvent the way she lived and trained to find a new balance.  She had to stop trying to mimic the training she did as a 29 year-old, reduce her mileage and the number of runs she did every week, and lower some of her training intensity.  She successfully re-booted her marathon career, taking third at the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon in 2013, ninth at the IAAF World Championships in August of the same year (as a 40 year-old), and tenth at the TCS New York City Marathon in 2014.

– http://www.letsrun.com/news/2018/04/rrw-45-rejuvenated-deena-kastor-ready-ride-hills-boston-marathon/

Kastor Kickstarts the “Mother Runner” Campaign

Next blog post will hopefully include details on my Iowa Runner Mom friends Tami and Suzie.  After that, you can look forward to posts including mother runners Paula Radcliff, Kara Goucher, Gwen Jorgensen.

If you would like to recommend or nominate another mother for inclusion or highlighting within this campaign, please comment or e-mail me thru the Comment/Contact tab at the top of this webpage.  And as always, please help me pay it forward to other “mother runners” out there by sharing and liking this post.  Power to all you runners out there and especially you “Mother Runners”!  😀