Products For Recovery


These are a few of my favorite products for running recovery.  Feel free to click on either the image links or Amazon link to be taken directly to a purchase page.  These products have allowed me to take a more frugal approach to recovery so to speak and also kept me running year round for

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  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt :

How I treat general body and muscles aches and pains.

*Click on image for a link to purchase.

  • The Stick

For physical maintenance, self, massage, and rolling out those tired muscles.

*Click on image for link to purchase.

  • Foam Rollers

Foam rolling is an absolute must.  I can’t always afford a personal massage therapist, as much as I would love it, so I break up trigger points and knots in the muscles by religiously foam rolling.

*Click on image to access Amazon link for multiple foam rolling options to purchase.

I swear by wearing compression socks on the long run or after a quality run to help promote circulation and or prevent blood from pooling in the lower half of your legs.  You can purchase so many fun ones now and we started a “funky sock” trail run thing last cross country season on our team that was fun.

Sometimes my back gets tight from all the running or a hip feels “twingy” so I love these Tiger Balm Patches, because you can stick em on and go about your day and forget about it.  They have all natural remedies and aren’t messy or greasy.  You can wear em thru out your work day under your clothes or whatever.