About Me

What’s up World?!  First things first,…Thank You for finding or stumbling upon, and taking the time to read my running blog.  I don’t claim to be a professional writer (my grammar, sentence structure, and writing abilities are high school level at best).  I am, however passionate about a few things in my life – running, coaching youth, and being a mom.

My addiction to running began as a child in elementary school.  I ran everywhere – literally!  And I usually ran barefoot.  If it was my night to take the garbage out to the curb, I would sprint as fast as I could back up the driveway.  When my Mom tasked me with delivering her coupon trades to her neighbor friends, I ran thru the backyards.  I outran the boys on the playground and in gym class.  Running made me feel powerful, strong, and confident.  I prided myself on it as part of my identity!!  And I still do.  I’ve run and raced distances as short and fast as the 100m in high school track and field and even got to run on three different occasions at the Drake Relays.  I was lucky enough to be a part of a  4 x 100m relay team that placed 2nd at the High School State Meet in 1995 held at Drake.  I’ve also run or raced almost every distance in between.  Everything up to the full marathon distance and have qualified for the Boston Marathon twice and run it once.

I found myself thru running.  It has been my best friend thru out the years.  Running has been my form of therapy thru life’s struggles and hardships, a few of which I had to experience at a very young age when my mother passed from cancer.  It has helped develop character and clarity with what my heart believes in and what I want to stand for.  It has and still is what I call my ‘sanctuary’.

My Coaching endeavors began somewhat haphazardly.  I was talking with another Mom/Coach and telling her about how I wanted to expand my sports and orthopedic massage knowledge into helping athletes and possibly coach along the way.  I had never coached before but loved the idea of showing youth and specifically young girls how to develop a love for running, an inner confidence and moral character, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Coincidentally the Head Girls Cross Country coaching position at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids, IA had just become available.  And now, here I am since 2012 running alongside and coaching girls in grades 7-12 and teaching them how to live a life of greatness taught metaphorically thru the sport of running.

I stepped into Motherhood at the young age of 21.  My husband and I heard many statistics preaching against our choice to marry at only 19 years old, and yet here we are celebrating our 20 year Anniversary this upcoming May with two beautiful children.  My philosophies on parenting are simply my own, and I encourage each parent to do what works for them and for their own children.  But, I’m a huge fan of natural consequence and mentoring your children vs. disciplining their actions retroactively.  So far (knock on wood), this is what’s worked for us (I think, haha).  I could go on for days about how proud of my children I am, but I’m sure you’ll discover that naturally from my future blog posts.

I”m also overly aware of so many issues in the world today like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and almost every chronic disease that stems from diet, lack of exercise and the negative effects of stress.  In addition, there are many negative mental health and psychological disorders such as anxiety, or depression, and exercise has proven positive side effects to help manage these.

Thus, I am choosing to blog with the hopes of making some sort of impact, inspiration, motivation, or some small change for people.  I’m hopeful for what the future has to hold.  I’m hopeful for young girls and developing women, beginning or novice runners, and coaches to young athletes making an impact on how our world revolves and functions.  I”m hopeful that we can learn that we have some control over our well-being, our health and our state of mind thru the choice and ability to change.  Shall we bond together make and help each other find our best selves and a strong sense of self – one step at a time! My belief of the best proactive medicine for all of life is…to JUST GO RUN!

As Runnermomcoach.com, I’ve joined the 21st century of journaling and community.  So, here goes…!