3 Race Finder Websites to Help You Go After Those 2019 Goals!

As a follow up to my most recent blog post, 6 Tips for Setting 2019 Running Goals, I wanted to share three great resources with you. Whether you’re looking to complete your first Couch to 5K or perhaps go after a new marathon PR, you can tap into these 3 Race Finder Websites to help you go after those 2019 goals!

The first website called Fitness Sports, offers a monthly calendar of local Iowa races. Additionally on this website you can find cross country, tri and road race results. Many of the listed races contain links next to their listings that will take you directly to the specific race website or online registration forms.


The second race finder website called, Race-Find.com, allows you to find races listed within the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. A perk to the website is its user friendly search parameters which allow you to search within date ranges, city or state, and specific desired race distance.

The only downfall to this website and the race links it lists, are that the links take you to another website called Running in the USA, and NOT the actual race website or race registration link. However, this leads me to my third race finder website.

The third race finder website is like I said, Running in the USA. Similar to the Race-find.com website, you can search for races within specific parameters of either state, city, date, race type or distance. Although, this website will take you thru a link directly to the race website or registration. Also, included on this website you can submit your own race or run club for listing. Lastly, one of my personal favorite features on this website is that each race listing includes a map link directly associated with the race location.


Share your Race Pics!!

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Happy 2019 Race Calendar Planning!!